Adsense – Keep yourself up to date on new tools and features – II

Ad Review Center

The Ad review Center is a tool within our account  that enables you to review placement-targeted ads that may appear on your pages. You can allow or block individual ad groups and advertisers, as well as filter ads by type: text or image.

In order to opt-in to the Ad Review Center, visit the ‘Competitive Ad Filter’ page ‘Adsense Setup’ tab.

Category Filtering

Category Filtering allows you to block ads from certain categories from appearing on your site. Gogole’s system classifies ads automatically and is currently support filtering for english ads, regardless of the language of the site. Ads can be blocked for 5 categories.

Ad Preview Tool

This allows you to preview the ads that may show on any webpage. With just a few clicks, you can see what ads may appear on your new webpages, or make an educated decision on adding Adsnse to your sites.

You can also use this feature to check the destination of ads that are on your pages (to include in the filter tool), preview colors on your page, view sample ad formats as well as select geo-targeted location to view ads that your sites visitor’s from other locations see.

The ad preview tool is available at: and currently only works on IE.

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