Website optimization Through facebook

Facebook – With this service, you can get the most comprehensive measuring and tracking service for your business website. It is the largest social network on internet marketing. Unlike other social media service, the service from Facebook will give you lot of benefits and interesting feature.

Here you can find the best Facebook Pages. Yes, if you can use the Facebook as your media to promote and advertise your business that would be a great way to gain popularity and customer. Now, you should know what it means, don’t you? So, if you want to be visible in the internet world, which means your business will be on high popularity, this website and service is the best choice.

Visit now and get this great service. You also can use this service as an Add-on to your business website or Stand Alone, if you don’t want it as the part of your business website.

You can get custom tabs and apps, flash and links, advertisement and many more. Facebook for your business on internet is the best media for promoting your business. And Facebook is the most visited website nowadays and it has more than 400 million people as the member.

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Google Mail Drag and Drop Attachment

Lately Gmail has introduced quite a few changes including rich text editors for stylish signatures, Google Maps integration with Gmail and more.A few months ago Gmail introduced a new feature which made it very easy to add attachments by drag and dropping attachments onto your email.I like this features as often you end up looking at downloading or opening a file as a Google Document.Especially when it comes to handling files.The feature was simply drag and dropping these attachments from your desktop or a folder on your compter onto your browser which had Gmail open.This actually improves the Email experience and makes the usual Email clients quite useless.

This way I can just download it on my desktop and look it up.This is a great way to make a browser interface more and more in line with the window interface.Now Gmail recently announced that you can do the reverse that is move a attachment from your email onto the desktop.

If I want to use it for another mail, I just need to drag and drop it back into the mail I am composing.

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Benefits of Social Bookmarking

A very effective form of internet marketing includes the use of Social Bookmarking. That is because these sites encourage the sharing of content. Readers who enjoy your content will rate it highly and add it to their list of favorite bookmarks where others can view it and even comment. Think of YouTube and how highly effective it is at spreading video clips. Subscribing to an RSS feed for an aggregation site is a virtually effortless way to read about the latest topics of interest.

Not only does social bookmarking drive traffic to your site, it creates a source of passive income through the increased number of qualified visitors who find your site due to SEO and viral marketing results. SEO Benefits Of Social Bookmarking Social bookmarking is a great SEO tool for a number of reasons.

The first is that it creates additional inbound links to your content, which is always a good way to gain the attention of search engine bots and increase your page ranking. This refers to posting links to your blog articles at a variety of sites that store, organize, and manage bookmarks.

Secondly, social bookmarking and news aggregation sites are very popular, especially with the younger generation of internet-piles who are more comfortable receiving news from an online site than by watching television or reading the newspaper. Thirdly, social bookmarking works to market your online business in a viral manner.

The same concept works with Social Bookmarking your blog posts and articles. The results could be financially rewarding and help you brand yourself as an expert in your niche.

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