Local Listing Disappearing from Google

Sometime back Google opened up a new door for business owners and provided them Local Business Results facility. We could see it while searching for any result in local area. But as Google is changing its algorithms everyday it seems like its local business result listing is fading.

According to a recent research it has been observed as if Google has stopped showing its local business results for SEO and designer terms. As Matt McGee mentions in a Search Engine Land piece, even a query like “candy” without any geographical indicator will bring up a seven-pack of local results, but a query for “seo” or “web design” or even something as specific as “web design vancouver” will bring up no local listings whatsoever (although the organic results still heavily favor local businesses in location-specific queries).

But the question here is why Google as brought such change while SEO and web designer both are a kind of services and deserve to be in Local Business Results.

Barry Schwartz of RustyBrick fame points to a Google Maps Help thread where a Googler going by Joel H. tells a different story:

Today, we’re intentionally showing less local results for web design / SEO queries. For example, [web design sacramento] doesn’t display local listings today. We believe this is an accurate representation of user intent. In some cases, we do show local listings, however (as NSNA/php-er noted) [web design in bellingham]. I’m sure some of you feel we should be displaying local results for queries like [Web Design Vancouver]. I understand that concern, but based on our understanding of our users, we feel this is the right decision for now.

I’ll give the usual disclaimer that we’re constantly working on improving the user experience and results will vary over time. So, this could change in the future, but I wanted to be explicit about what we’re doing today.

So if you are using word ‘in’ in your query then you could get the local results.

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Content is the King

Wish You A Very Happy New Year to all my Readers !!!

Many SEO’s talk about content. Some say it should be very descriptive and some say Content is the king. But why content is considered as King. There are many statements given by many analysts and webmasters. The reason is very simple and precise. If you want relevant visitors to explore your website then you have to put very relevant text on it. That describes users what I your site on.

Sometimes while creating our website we decide where we want to take our our site i.e. on what level. But we may forget that after giving a wonderful design and advance development site need something which is user friendly and the only things which is absolutely user-friendly is content. We should be very clear about what content we are going to add on our website. It should have simple use of vocabulary, language and uniqueness. The content should directly approach to the right people. Apart from its user-friendliness the other good point in having a quality content is its position in search engines.

A good content is a key to have good rankings in SERP’s. From past till today content has always played an important role in search engine rankings. While writing a good content you should take care of following points:

  1. Content should be very descriptive and unique
  2. It should include target keyword
  3. The right content should be targeted on right place
  4. Your content should not be off-topic
  5. Visitors should easily understand the content so the use of vocabulary should be very simple.

So remember “Content is the king” and the key to your business.
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