A War Between PPC and SEO!

Since the time people have started searching over the internet and search engines have been introduced there is a war between paid and free promotion on search engines. Later on some Gurus of internet have defined names to these promotions which were know as SEO (Search Engine Optimization, Organic promotion) a part of free website promotion and PPC (Pay Per Click) a part of paid promotion.

As we all know that if you are running a website for business than you will definitely move to either of the ways. But sometime it is very difficult to choose which one is the best. We have done a research and jot down some points that can help you to evaluate PPC and SEO better.

What is it that makes SEO a better tactic of promotion?

SEO as the name speaks itself is a way to optimize your business for search engines and to promote it over internet. Since years people are using Search Engine Optimization and by time it has grown and become stronger. It is more close to relevancy and user interest than PPC. So once you are ranked higher on Search engines your business will grow equally. So there are more chances of conversion for your business. While in PPC you have to invest before you start earn and the conversion rate is still low than SEO. The another virtue of SEO is if your optimization is strong enough to come up on top in search engines your site automatically gets popularity & brand and there is no need to spend money on it.

What is it that makes PPC a better tactic of promotion?

On the other hand people use PPC for quick results. PPC is good for the startup site. If you have a new site and less time to populate it than PPC is indeed a good help while SEO is a time taking job and you need to have a lot of patience to get into the higher rankings. PPC also seems to be good for seasonal sites for example if you are running a site on Christmas and want to increase sales during the season but not ranking on search engines than you can definitely think about PPC rather you should have a budget already decided for that. Anytime during a PPC campaign if you feel you are running short of money you can pause or stop the campaign.

So by now with above analysis I am sure you have understood what to use for which type of website?

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Google Chrome – Towards Advertising

Few days back Google launched its brand new browser known as Google Chrome. As days passed it has become more familiar and famous. Now Google has taken a step forward and started to promote its browser through online and offline advertising. Earlier Google displayed videos to its users that tell you about the features of Google Chrome and whats special inside it. Then they started showing TV ads for promotion. These all tactics surely worked and helped to make Chrome much popular.

According to the latest updates now Google has started to promote its Chrome browser through newspapers also. As we all know that newspaper is the first and ancient weapon in media world. Now Google has used this weapon all over in UK through a newspaper which was all cluttered with Google Chrome advertising. People were amazed by seeing this newspaper. It was free paper targeted at commuters in 16 cities. This free paper is supposed to be world’s largest free paper which was distributed in 1.3 million copies in UK.

We have sum up some of the comments by people that were posted on Webpronews (http://www.webpronews.com/topnews/2009/12/14/google-pushes-chrome-with-newspaper-ads) today.

Martin Bryant wrote, “The ad’s front page . . . describes Chrome as ‘A fast, new browser. Made for everyone.’ . . . .  Inside, the ad explains why Google made the browser and details its features such as the unique way it handles tabs and its Incognito mode . . .”

Finally, “The rear of the ad lists items such as 10 days of holiday left, about to expire; 27 emails between my wife and I hatching travel plans; 7 potential travel plans generated on 4 travel sites, 3 playlists generated on Spotify.’  It then goes on to read ’6 tabs open, 0 crashes, 1 browser.’”

If we could imagine more than one day Google will attain its new heights and start promoting its products through all sort of advertisings.

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Bing (MSN) Updates Amazing n Amazing!

With starting of June this year MSN has started showing its talents and astonished the users with the launch of its new search engine “Bing”. Slowly-slowly with user experience Bing has become so popular that its percentage reached higher than the old MSN. From image uploading to mobile technology Bing has advanced developed technologies.

From photo uploading to improved search results Bing continues to show up its new features every week/month. Bing also introduced Bing Toolbox to its users that will allow its users to work with Bing in one place. It is providing lot of tools and API’s for developers so that they can also experience this improved search engine. Unlike Google.com it also has a webmaster tool feature that helps seo’s to optimize their site in MSN also.

It is certainly a great news for search engine optimizers that with the help of Bing features they can get a chance to optimize their website in MSN also. It interested many people and with its launch people started to use Bing very frequently. In result its popularity reached to the sky and people started watching Bing results in their website analytics. This was indeed a good news for website owners.

Some of the latest features that Bing has launched are:

  • It is providing API’s for maps for its users.
  • It has also started providing lots of SEO, SEM tips through Bing community
  • It has started showing latest and updated results from Bing database.
  • Bing has launched its new crawler AKA Bot and retired MSNBOT 2.0
  • With Bing maps now you can also get the weather broadcast also
  • The new Bing for Mobile site m.bing.com is live for its mobile users

So MSN has comeup with vast changes and a great improvement in the form of Bing for its users and without disappointing them it is growing ahead.

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