Twitter – The Fastest Growing Networking Source

Twitter is a name that everybody in internet knows today. Founded in 2006 by a privately funded startup, Twitter has grown up drastically in market. It is being used by people across the world. You can share and discover the current update on twitter. You can also get connected in real time with your friends and relatives.

Unlike Facebook and Orkut, Twitter also connects with friends and create a network in real world. It has emerged as a revolution in internet marketing world. Not only this, now Twitter has collaborated with many social media sites like: Linkedin, Myspace etc. where your status message sync with twitter and can show up in twitter status message.

It has been known as a growing micro-blogging site that let users read and send messages. It do has certain limitations like you can post upto 140 characters message. If you want to post a message or tweet in Twitter than you have to register with an account with it. Twitter team has taken care of users need and made it more advanced. If you are traveling, in a meeting or away from your computer than you can even post a tweet from your phone.

In a very short time Twitter has gained huge popularity and notability. According to Wikipedia it is sometime known as “SMS of the internet”. Twitter is ranked on number 13 in terms of traffic worldwide. Twitter also displays “Trending Topic” in its right panel that show us what is hot going on across the world. It is so advanced that you can even register to your favorite topic through its RSS feed.

Recently Google has announced that shortly Twitter results will start to show up in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP’s) also. It means for Social Media Marketers it will be more easier to promote a business.

If you have still not experienced Twitter than we would suggest you to quickly register through it and to create your network around. All you need to create an account is just little details like your name, emailed etc.

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