Email Marketing Service Delhi

SEO Services Delhi launched Email Marketing Service in Delhi and India. Our email marketing plan is effective and much less costly than any other traditional marketing program like advertising in newspapers, banner advertising, TV ads, radio ads etc.

Email Marketing in addtion to our seo services will help to generate the sales & traffic of the websites in traget area & location.

Email Marketing has highest view ration as compared to other means, and you can have complete track of the visitors and will help you know how your product is responding.

We offers email marketing at very affordable prices. For more details please visit

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Email Marketing Service Campaign Unleased !

New Service launch

Hi All,

I am happy to announce to you all that, As of 22 Oct 2008, we now offer a new service of email marketing in addtional to our Best SEO services.

Email Marketing in addtion to our seo services will help to generate the sales & traffic of the websites in traget area & location.

Email marketing is very cost effective and much less costly than any other means of marketing like advertising in newspapers, banner advertising, TV ads, radio ads etc.

Email Marketing has highest view ration as compared to other means, and you can have complete track of the visitors and will help you know how your product is responding.

We offers email marketing at very affordable prices. For more details please visit

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Importance of top keywords !

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Recently, a friend of mine asked me about ‘keywords’. He was curious about the differences between keywords and top keywords.Every word you write is considered just a ‘word’. However, certain words in our writings, or every day speech, are used to help people to key into the subject we are talking about.

To further illustrate this: It’s kind of like going to the library and using an index file to find a particular subject. If you wanted to find a book about Louis L’amour, for example, you would look in the index file under the letter ‘L’, then you would keep looking until you found the top keyword, ‘L’amour’.

The same is true in regards to websites and blogs. You must use related keywords. However, most old-school tricks don’t work today and many can get your site banned. So, as a rule of thumb, avoid repeating any given keyword more than four times per page and also try to use secondary keywords that relate to your main keywords. This can take some time, but if you do good keyword research, you will have found all the keywords that are relevant to your niche.

Sometimes finding the best or top keyword ideas can actually come from your own brain. Why? Because you are a human being and you would certainly know better how another human thinks.

Another method is looking at other blogs related to your niche and observing what they are writing about. Go to Google and do a search for your niche and see what the top 30 sites are writing about.

Another thing to remember is search engines mostly list sites that contain quality content rather than flashy graphics.

So after going through all the various sources mentioned above, you must have gotten a hand full of keywords that you want you to optimize your site for. Now, if you want people to find you website or blog, learn to use those specific keyword in your urls, titles, posts, and when you get to your final paragraph at the bottom of the page, be sure to use your most important keyword there.

In addition to this, you need to get links to your site. Quality inbound links typically account for more than 85% of your Google ranking success. Once you have your related keywords in place you need to get links to your blog that use the proper anchor texts, pointing back to your keywords.

Anyone who has done just a little research into ranking high with the search engines quickly learns the reality that content is queen and back links are king. If you do this, you will be on your way to the top of the search engines using your top keywords.

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What is your Google Penalty Plan !

By Paul Bliss:

Google seems to be at a defining moment in time with it’s penalizing sites with paid links, and almost constant shifts to the algorithm that make the SERPs a guessing game just about everyday.

So what are you doing now to make sure your site survives should it be hit by a Google penalty? You might be ranked very well today and making great money from the traffic that Google sends to your site naturally – so what if they flag your site for some deserved or un-merited form of spam?

With soo many people gaming the system, no wonder Google lashes out at the SEO community on occasion. We’re the ones pushing them to provide more relevant results while at the same time doing things that some would question on a moral level.

Point is, Google delivers a ton of traffic. But the web is VERY big, and Google is not the be all and end all. You should be constantly looking for other ways to deliver traffic to your site such as:

Be active in forums – answer questions without trying to sell our product or service – instead, demonstrate your expertise in your answers and people will realize that what you say is worthy, and in turn will use your product or service when they are ready.

Write articles! I know it’s old and tiresome and boring – but like the first point, it’s a great way to not only show off what you know, but in inject your writing style. Some people will read you not for your content, but because they like the way you put things into perspective. Don’t underestimate that.

Ask for help – I know a lot of people have trouble with this, but when my car breaks down, I have no trouble calling a mechanic. Use this same approach on the web. If you need help with a problem seek out the people who can help you. Many times in that process there is an exchange of information that leads to a deeper and “real” relationship – leverage that for links!

Tell ‘em what you think – this applies to blogs, forums, articles and email responses. Why pretend to be something you’re not? Like is too short to pussyfoot around and to be taken advantage of by other people.

Use your clients! I know I just said don’t let others abuse you, and now I am saying to use your clients? What I mean is, your clients have other relationships as well, and if you perform well for them, they will refer you to their other business relationships.

See a pattern here? While Google is great for delivering text-based computer crunched results, at the end of the day, human relations (social engineering) is what makes you money. Treat people with respect, end any relationship with grace, and you’ll see that over time, that crazy thing called karma makes it way back to you.

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How blogging Helps to Increase organic Traffic ?

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Blogs help you three ways – Increases your website’s rankings and traffic : Different tools can be used to develop a website blog, the two most common website design blogging tools are Blogger(free) and WordPress. Both have some unique differences such as having or not having categories. Another difference includes the ability to customize as needed. Blogger is a canned blogging package which can do a lot however is limited with formatting options. WordPress is the tool of choice for customized blogs.

Google is giving much more preference these days for refreshed content. You may have noticed that blogs are now showing up in searches. The reason for this is that the content is clean and stays refreshed. Google will penalize you for copying content that has already been published on another website, so keep this in mind for your additions. A blog also provides clean content because the content is automatically filtered from the code(css).

Keeping your main website design fresh and updated. Google checks time stamps. When was your website last updated? By adding a snippet (box of code to your website’s home page) content from your last few blog posts can automatically be shown. Therefore, no need for you to keep your website’s home page design up to date by manually updating or making website design changes. Any time you add a post to your blog – your website’s content is updated!

Your blog and website can cross promote and benefit from increased rankings and traffic!

Builds a customer base – A blog can also help you collect email addresses and develop a social network. Anyone visiting your blog is most likely reviewing information or interested in the services you are providing. Contact them back!

Develop a social network by adding bookmarking features and interactive plugins for your blog – these website design plugins can be easy to obtain. Offering visitors the ability to add you to their social network can take of like wild fire, and can result in an exponential increase in rankings and traffic.

As a specific example, one time I noticed an Austin website design company that was not showing up at all when I would Google search. I noticed this company added a blog to their website design. A few months down the road, yes – just a few months!, I noticed that this austin website design company I was thinking about using had risen to the top 5. So, long story short, blogging is so effective it should be considered a necessary part of SEO.

Stays optimized – no manual website design needed – A blog stays optimized. Code language is filtered out from the content you add to your blog. Therefore, your content always stays clean.

With a little bit of free research, you can find out what people are searching for to find your information or services. Once you have found this information out, add these key phrases to your blog content as much as possible (but not too often, considered spam). Blogs also offer tags – kind of like assigning keywords to your blog. This additionally helps keep your blog or website design’s content refreshed with relevant – targeted – traffic!

Now go update your web site design and add a blog and blog snippet.

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